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Luiss – one of the top 50 universities in Politics and International Studies

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The Luiss educational model combines academic rigour with practical relevance. Discover which of our Bachelor's or Master's Degree programs is right for you.

  • Economics and Business
  • Management and Computer Science
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Data Science and Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Global Management and Politics
  • International Relations
  • Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Policies and Governance in Europe
  • Strategic Management


Luiss offers an innovative educational approach to promote knowledge and instill flexibility, giving its students a sense of mastery over their future and career.

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Meet our professors

World-renowned professors, corporate leaders, and professionals: our brilliant academic staff comes from prestigious international universities.

Lakshmi Balachandran Nair

"As a new faculty member in Luiss, I am impressed with how the University excels in its commitment to students as well as in providing a collegial work environment for its academic staff. Luiss is truly international as evidenced by its diversity of outstanding faculty members, students, and global collaborations."

Megha Patnaik

"Luiss is a super exciting place to be right now! It has a fantastic international community with numerous projects and activities that are on the frontiers of global knowledge. Deep connections with industry and policy make Luiss uniquely positioned to further grow as a vibrant environment."

Mark Thatcher

"I'm interested in cultural heritage policy in Europe, and Luiss offers ideal setting for studying it. It's in Rome, which is the heart of civilization in Europe and has fantastic heritage to look at. It's a social science university, so you can use different disciplines to study an area that is – by nature – multidisciplinary."

Henry Chesbrough

"I chose to come to Luiss because of its focus on innovation both in theory and in practice. Here at Luiss I am fortunate to be the first Marie Tecnimont Professor of Open Innovation, the first chair of its kind anywhere in the world. For me Luiss is a wonderful place."

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Evelyn Ama Sam

"A culturally diversified community is one that holds tremendous prospects for growth and personal development. Luiss stands out as the school of choice for all students and shows remarkable promise as a pacesetter in this regard, complemented by innovations and a resilient alumni network."

Fernando Gimo Simango

"I chose Luiss University because it is considered one of the best universities around the world for Social Sciences. I would use these keywords to summarize the main characteristics of Luiss: Innovation, Responsibility, Internationality, Multiculturalism, Quality."

Ayda Bugdanoglu

"The international perspective and standing of Luiss, along with a great location is why I chose to develop my skills here. I can't think of anywhere better to study Economics and Business than in one of the greatest capitals of both the past and present."

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